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The Growth Company (GC) is a not-for-profit provider of business support, education, skills and employment services. Our purpose is to enable growth, create jobs, and improve lives. GC sources and manages large, diverse supply chains to help deliver its priorities and has a long track record of effectively managing funds on behalf of local and national commissioners.

The Growth Company will be bidding as a Prime Contractor to GMCA to deliver devolved AEB in Greater Manchester (GM). The AEB is a single budget stream bringing together adult further education (all 19yrs+ provision except apprenticeships / traineeships), community learning, and discretionary learner support.

The AEB is intended to fund provision which supports the local labour market and economic development. In particular, it focuses on ensuring that adults have the core skills that they need to enter and progress in work, including a number of statutory entitlements, those being English, maths and digital skills (from 2020 onwards), as well as first level 2/3 qualifications.

The Growth Company is seeking Expressions of Interest from delivery partners with a high-quality service offer for Greater Manchester in the delivery of these services.  Shortlisted delivery partners will be named in our bid to GMCA.

The deadline for EOI submissions is 17:00 Friday 16th November 2018.

To apply for the EOI, please download the documentation which contains instructions and information for your submission, including specification of requirements, and the key assessment and evaluation criteria that will be used to assess offers. You are required to make your EOI submission via the GC In-tend e-tendering platform.

To use the Growth Company In-Tend site, you are required to complete a basic registration as a supplier on the In-tend Supplier Platform at the following web address:


Please note that all mandatory fields (highlighted in yellow on the In-Tend Portal) must be completed in order to register your organisation. Once registered, you must log into the system, express your interest in the opportunity on In-Tend and automatically download the EOI documentation. Your EOI submission will be made on the In-tend Portal.

Any submissions received after the specified deadline will not be accepted. This is automated on the In-Tend platform therefore you are encouraged to allow adequate time to upload your bid. Please do not email your response; any submissions received by email will be rejected unless agreed in advance due to any technical difficulties with the In-Tend portal.

If you have any questions about this process, please use the In-Tend platform to correspond with GC. If you require further assistance in respect of the In-Tend portal, please contact the In-Tend support team at support@In-tend.com or telephone on 0845 557 8079 / 0114 407 0065.

Please note that the award of any subcontract for the delivery of services is contingent on GC being successful in our bid to GMCA. We reserve the right to re-advertise the opportunity to secure adequate supply chain coverage over the contract area at any stage of the project.

We look forward to hearing from you.