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The Growth Company (GC) and its subsidiaries are tendering for the provision of The Provision of Mobile Telephone Hardware & Voice, Data & Associated Services and invites suppliers to submit a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) to participate in this tender process. 
GC is at an exciting stage in our Group wide approach to our information technology and communications environment and we are looking to contract a mobile telephone provider to join GC in the successful delivery of our connectivity and agile working strategy.
We aim to transform the way we work and communicate across the Growth Company and continue to evolve our approach to ensure our communication technologies remain agile and fit for purpose, whilst ensuring the solutions remain cost effective and provide value for money.
GC are seeking to appoint a mobile telephony provider that can support our end user mobile hardware requirement, voice, data and associated mobile services.  The successful provider/s will consistently provide high quality products and services and active account management to provide a seamless communications service delivery across GC and full integration with GC applications and infrastructure. We are keen to engage with bidders who can understand and support the development of our agile strategy and work with us to ‘future proof’ our business to suit the fast paced, diverse competitive environment in which we operate.
The successful bidder/s will be contracted for a 2-year period, with an option to extend for two further 1 year periods.
How to Apply:
You are hereby invited to submit a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) for the above services. The tender documents contain key instructions and information for submitting your SQ, and provides an overview of the tender process and key requirements.  Responses to the SQ will be used as the first step to select suppliers to participate in the competitive dialogue tender process. Following the evaluation of SQ submissions, a full Invitation to Tender (ITT) will be issued to shortlisted providers.
You are required to make your SQ submission via the GC In-tend e-tendering platform.  To use the Growth Company In-Tend site, you are required to complete a basic registration as a supplier on the In-tend Supplier Platform at the following web address: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/manchestergrowthcompany/aspx/Home.
Please note that all mandatory fields (highlighted in yellow on the In-Tend Portal) must be completed in order to register your organisation.
Once registered, you must log into the system, express your interest in the opportunity on In-Tend and automatically download the SQ documentation.  Your SQ submission will be made on the In-tend Portal.
Submissions must be submitted in the required format and be returned by 12:00 Noon Friday 13th July 2018.
Any submissions received after this time will not be accepted. This is automated on the In-tend platform therefore you are encouraged to allow adequate time to upload your submission documentation.  Please do not email your tender response, any submissions received by email will be rejected.
If you have any questions about this process, please use the In-tend platform to correspond with GC.  If you require further assistance in respect of the In Tend system please contact the In-tend support team at support@in-tend.com or telephone on 0845 557 8079 / 0114 407 0065
We look forward to receiving your SQ response.