We are pleased to invite you to submit a tender response to join our European Social Fund (ESF) and Adult Education Budget (AEB) Provider Framework. This framework will cover future opportunities around our current Prime ESF and AEB contracts across The North West and South Yorkshire. This framework will be for providers of Skills Support, Employee Support in Skills and Supporting those Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) and Adult Education Budget.

** New Potential Contract Areas - South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Adult Education Budget**

We have now updated the Framework (December 2020) to include two additional AEB contracts in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire which the Growth Company are in the process of bidding for.

PLEASE NOTE - we have not secured these contracts and therefore if we are unsuccessful in obtaining these two contracts, we will not have opportunities for AEB in these two areas**

Bidders who have not already successfully joined this Framework and would like to partner with GC for delivery of GC’s existing prime ESF and AEB contracts, or join the new EOI opportunity AEB in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, are required to apply to this Framework. From admittance on to the Framework, we will issue a mini competition to identify partners to name in our AEB South and West Yorkshire bid.

Partners who are already on the Framework and wish to register their interest in this area for delivery of AEB in South and West Yorkshire, and be included in the Mini competition for these areas, are required to resubmit Document D, Matrix of Delivery to identify their offer in these geographies. You do not need to reapply to the Framework.

Our framework already operates across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, South Yorkshire and Liverpool City Region, and will be made up of providers who can support GC deliver across one or more of the Contract Areas defined below:

  • Contract Area 1: Skills Support for the Workforce- Greater Manchester
  • Contract Area 2: Skills Support for The Work Force – Lancashire
  • Contract Area 3: Skills Support for the Workforce – More Developed (Lot 1) & Transitional (Lot 2) Sheffield City Region
  • Contract Area 4: Skills Support for the Unemployed Greater Manchester
  • Contract Area 5: Skills Support for the Unemployed Sheffield City Region - More Developed (Lot 1) & Transitional (Lot 2)
  • Contract Area 6: Supply of support for individuals who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) or at risk of NEET GM
  • Contract Area 7: Adult Education Budget (AEB) Liverpool City Region (LCR)
  • Contract Area 8: Adult Education Budget (AEB) Greater Manchester (GM)

To see further details and apply for the framework and have the opportunity to join our bid for AEB West and South Yorkshire, please download the documentation which contains instructions and information for your submission, including specification of requirements, and the key assessment and evaluation criteria that will be used to assess offers. You are required to make your submission via the GC In-tend e-tendering platform at the following address:


Once you have registered on In-Tend, please express your interest in this tender, and download the tender documentation.

Providers who were unsuccessful in joining previous publications of this opportunity are welcome to reapply

Submissions must be made in the required format and be returned by 9.00 A.M Monday 21st December. Any submissions received after the specified deadline will not be accepted. This is automated on the In-Tend platform therefore you are encouraged to allow adequate time to upload your bid. Please do not email your response; any submissions received by email will be rejected unless agreed in advance due to any technical difficulties with the In-Tend portal.

We very much look forward to receiving your response and would like to thank you for your interest in working with us.