Apprentice Kian goes to Westminster

Skills Company engineering apprentice Kian Ghanian from Swinton had the experience of a lifetime when he attended a Special Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons. 

The reception brought together Ministers, MPs, apprentices and the media to celebrate 9,000 apprenticeships being provided by the UK’s Aerospace, Defence Security and Space industries.  Kian said:  “ It was a great opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament and to meet all of those important people “

After leaving school, Kian started an A level course at college but soon realised that A levels weren’t for him.  Kian said:  “I just wasn’t enjoying them, I wanted something more practical, luckily my parents were with me all the way. They said I needed to enjoy what I was doing.”

Kian hadn’t really considered an Apprenticeship before as he wanted to get into Engineering and thought he needed a degree. He found out about The Skills Company online and soon found himself at the SkillCentre in Trafford Park doing an assessment to become an apprentice engineer.

With the help of Skills Company Business Adviser Phil Lawson, Kian started an engineering apprenticeship at Magnesium Elektron in Clifton.  Magnesium Elektron  make parts for aircraft and high end automotive vehicles and have some new and exciting developments in the health care sector. 

Kian’s now earning a wage as he develops his skills, and said: “The environment here is great, everyone’s friendly and helpful, it’s a great atmosphere to work in.  The company has even said they’ll support me to go to university too.  I’ve suggested to loads of people to do an Apprenticeship, you need to follow your heart. I really believe that Apprenticeships are for all!”