Back in June, we launched Digital 1000 with our partners – an initiative which aims to engage and support 1000 Greater Manchester residents to become digitally included over the next 12 months.

Whilst one of our key aims is to bridge the growing skills gap within the digital industry, we also want to help some of the hardest-to-reach individuals to become more savvy and safe online.

According to statistics from a Home Office backed campaign earlier this year, just 9% of people were able to successfully identify scam emails in an online test. This highlights just how vulnerable people can be when going about their business online or on mobile apps.

From phishing emails to banking hacks, the digital landscape can seem like a daunting place for those who lack confidence online. In fact, government statistics showed  that fraud was ‘the most prevalent crime in the country’ from June 2016–17 – with 3.3 million cases during the 12-month period. That’s why we’re so passionate about making a difference.

We want to empower the residents of Greater Manchester to be able to use online tools and mobile apps confidently, and reduce the number of people who fall victim to the plethora of scams that unfortunately exist in today’s world.

If adults don’t know how to keep themselves safe online, how can we expect them to protect their children from dangers? Knowledge is power, and we will work with our partners to ensure that as many Greater Manchester residents have all the understanding they need to keep themselves and their families cyber safe. It’s more than an opportunity, it’s a responsibility – and one that we’re proud to deliver.