Government plans for no-deal Brexit – yet it’s not all bad news for your business

It’s been announced that the government is planning for a no-deal Brexit. The UK’s five leading business groups – which represent hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country – are calling on politicians to prevent a disorderly ‘no deal’. They insist that employers are ‘nowhere near ready’ for the implications of a no-deal Brexit.

It is, of course, a concerning time for businesses – if a no-deal Brexit was to go ahead, organisations could face inflated customs costs and damaged supply chains. Not only that, but hard-earned professional qualifications will be unrecognised across the EU, and UK nationals who currently work abroad will also face uncertainty over their future.

Theresa May’s deal is due to be voted on in mid-January, but we’re urging businesses not to panic. Instead, we’re encouraging the organisations we work with to stay calm and use the coming weeks to best prepare for a worst case scenario.

As a small business, it still isn’t too late to make changes to your business planning. That’s of the primary commercial advantages that a small business has. A small business isn’t restricted by cumbersome bureaucracy that larger businesses need to have in place to function. It can alter its business plan, market and processes far quicker, more economically and more efficiently than a larger competitor. Sarah Ludford, one of our Business Advisors, discusses some of the key things that your business needs to immediately consider in this blog.

To help businesses to navigate the complexities of Brexit, we’ve also put together our Brexit toolkit. The toolkit is the place to go for answers to some the most commonly asked questions on the implications of Brexit on UK organisations. Here, you’ll also find our ‘10 no regret actions’ document, which outlines ten things you can do right now to get ready for Brexit.  

We also have a team of advisors over at the GC Business Growth Hub who can provide you with tailored Brexit advice based on the specific needs and challenges of your organisation. If you’ve got a concern or query, just fill out this form and one of our experts will be in touch.