• Lucy Markillie
Government’s investment into cyber security is welcome news for businesses

Recently, Business Secretary Greg Clark announced that the UK is set to become a ‘world leader’ in the race to eliminate some of the most damaging security threats facing businesses in a bid to better protect both organisations and consumers.

Companies and consumers will benefit from improved security measures which will be built into online services and digital devices. The government has also announced investment of up to £70 million through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which will support the development of hardware to make businesses more resilient from the outset. It’s hoped that some of the most common cyber threats will be ‘designed out’ completely, which will significantly reduce the risks that organisations currently face.

How cyber threats are changing

Almost all of UK businesses rely on digital technology and online services, yet shockingly, over 40% have experienced some form of cyber security breach or attack in the past 12 months.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving: hackable home Wi-Fi routers can be used by attackers in botnets to attack major services and businesses. Mass data leaks are also increasingly common, which can damage the reputation of an organisation overnight – not to mention put customers at risk. Because of this, companies are having to increase the amounts that they spend on cyber security – with some spending 20-40% of their overall IT spend.

Innovative solutions that can work independently and protect against threats even during attacks are going the be the best form of defence going forward, and it’s great that the government wants to ensure that every UK business is as cyber secure as possible. The more systems that are connected – either in the workplace or at home – the greater the need is for security that’s secure by design.

Our commitment to protecting businesses

We welcome the investment into cyber security, as helping businesses to operate securely is something that we’re passionate about. At the Centre for Assessment, we offer Cyber Essentials certification, which helps businesses to ensure they have the correct procedures and policies in place for the safe handling, processing and storage of data. Originally created for the public-sector supply chain, the programme covers five critical controls, including firewalls and internet gateways, and malware protection to help safeguard against cyber attacks. Now open to all businesses, the scheme acts as a basic framework to adhere to for reducing the risk of cyber threats.

Centre for Assessment also offer ISO 27001 certification to help organisations to keep their company information secure. Whereas Cyber Essentials focusses specifically on data, networks and IT infrastructure, compliance with ISO 27001 covers all forms of data storage and is proof of independent verification that a business’ Information Security Management System meets the international standard. The certification provides businesses with a tailored system framework which is continually maintained and improved to keep up with new threats.

As an organisation, we’re leading by example when it comes to cyber security – with the Group holding Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, as well being compliant to ISO 27001.

Over to you

As a business owner, cyber security is something that should be high on your list of priorities if you want to protect your company – and your customers – from harm. If you’d like to find out more about Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001 accreditation, our Centre for Assessment team can help. Get in touch with our team here, or complete this online application form to obtain a quote.