• Mohamed Rahouma
InWork GM announcement (Work & Health)

InWork GM is an alliance partnership between Ingeus and The Growth Company and also includes Pathways CIC and Pluss; specialist health, wellbeing and disability support organisations. 

The new programme will support people who are out of work due to poor health and disabilities and has been designed to respond to one of Greater Manchester’s strategic aims to reduce long-term unemployment and help more residents into sustained employment. The programme, part-financed by the European Social Fund, will build on Greater Manchester’s successful Working Well programme.

Working Well (Work and Health Programme) will continue to fundamentally change how skills, health and employment services work together across Greater Manchester, by offering a seamless, co-ordinated and sequenced package of support to individuals to help them to address specific barriers and challenges that make it difficult to move forward.

InWork GM will commence delivery late January 2018.