RAISE celebrates 1,000 successful progressions

This month, RAISE celebrated its 1000th successful progression since it began. RAISE is a careers, education, information, advice and guidance project funded by the European Social Fund and the Education and Skills Funding Agency, which gives tailored support to individuals to enable and inspire them to independently achieve their goals.

All of the customers on RAISE receive a tailored action plan to help them achieve their short and long-term goals, which is discussed at their initial one-to-one appointment. This action plan and the subsequent action plan points are linked to a second appointment, where the customer will bring evidence of what they have completed. They’re supported thoroughly throughout this process as they progress further towards their goals.

To date, RAISE has supported over 6,500 people from all walks of life. 30% of these customers were over 50 on their start date, and 27% were referred to RAISE due to mild or moderate mental health needs. 28% of customers surveyed also declared that they had a learning difficulty, physical disability or other health problem.

Speaking about what makes his job so worthwhile, Daniel Connor, RAISE Sub Contract Manager, said: “The best thing about RAISE is the chance to give individual and tailored support to customers from a wide range of backgrounds and with various barriers. I love hearing the good news stories. A particular success is our engagement with over-50s. Our support here is helping people who have been in their sector and job for a long time and may have been made redundant, or health reasons mean that they have to change careers. This really knocks their confidence and it’s just fantastic that we can help to bring that back.”

“Working within The Growth Company also means that needs can be identified quickly and we have the connections to refer onward onto additional provision, should the customer need the support. We can also accept referrals; NCS has been a real success where customers need that bit extra.”

Over the course of this year, RAISE has seen their customer conversion rate from programme start to career management leap by 17%. And, the conversion rate of customers progressing into a positive destination has increased by 10%.

RAISE aims to continue building on this, and Daniel is looking forward to improving the lives of even more people. He added: “We’re going to continue to help more people! We have supported 6500 customers so far and we are thrilled that this month we have achieved our 1000th progression into a positive destination. We will continue to support RAISE customers up to March 2019 and we are expecting to achieve nearly 3000 progressions.”