• Lucy Markillie
Tackling digital inclusion – it’s more than an opportunity, it’s our responsibility

The Growth Company have supported over 6,700 of our customers into employment since January 2018. We’re really proud that we’ve been able to make a difference to so many people through our core delivery. Now, it’s about doing more.

Of course, we will keep supporting our customers into sustainable employment however as a sector, all of us working within Employability, need to look at how we can use our influence and capacity to create opportunities for inclusive growth for all.

At The Growth Company, we recognise that we have a large established geographical footprint, particularly in GreaterManchester and work with a large number of GM residents through our work in employment, skills and business support. We want to use this access to residents as an opportunity to create added social value to the communities in which we work by supporting digital skills and inclusion – a key component to achieving good growth.

From knowing how to confidently go online at home or work, to ensuring the UK workforce has the skills required for specialist digital roles – the challenge is to work closely with our partners to close the digital skills gap. Over the next twelve months, the Growth Company will engage and support 1000 GM residents to become digitally-included.

This strategy presents a transformative opportunity to tackling digital exclusion across GM. To deliver the ambition will require new approaches to engaging and motivating excluded residents to increase their digital confidence and skills as well as embedding an inclusive growth approach to all of our work, ensuring that our impact is wider that the contracts we have been commissioned to deliver. As a sector it’s more than opportunity, it’s our responsibility.

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