Three things every business to know about

Here are three of the main things that I want every business owner, leader, manager, entrepreneur, graduate and start up business to hear:

1. Begin with the globe in mind. At the design stage of developing your products and services consider how they can be adapted to meet the needs and preferences of international buyers. Consider how your brand will come across in different cultural contexts and how you can make it outshine that of international competitors. 

2. Yes you can export. There are few exceptions and perhaps you've not considered it because you're a service provider or a young business and don't think it's for you. Replace 'export' with 'sell internationally' and there you have it - like many others you can do that too, and in most cases already have, without a strategy in place.

3. There's always a way. Perceived and real barriers can get in the way but they needn't. Whether language and culture are of concern or you'd like some guidance to take your first steps to export there's world class advice and support available for every step of your journey. You can probably tap into funding to support your local and international business growth too. Don't miss out!

Let's talk and we can help you say hello to global markets.

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