The world around is constantly changing and moving forward, and it’s amazing to think how much technological advances have changed the way we live. What’s even more mind-blowing is just how many of the things we use every day require code to operate – from the apps we scroll through on our smartphones to the microwave we bung our ready-meal into at the end of a long day.

However, the rate at which innovation is happening far outweighs the number of skilled coders we have who are ready to move into their first role or take the next step in their coding careers. Given the Growth Company’s focus on digital inclusion, we’re keen to do our bit to attract and train the coders of the future.

Here are just some of the reasons why we need to get more people interested in a career in coding.

Excellent job opportunities

‘Developer’ is one of the most in-demand job roles within the digital and technology sector in the North West. Therefore, people who are skilled in coding languages will have a wealth of opportunities to explore with some of the biggest and best employers across Greater Manchester and beyond.

And it’s not just development roles coders can go into – software engineers, data scientists and programmers all need to know how to code, meaning potential career paths for coders are varied.

Great earning potential

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Junior Software Developer is £25,400 – which is a very credible figure for someone in a junior role. Senior Developers can earn almost twice as much, so it’s a great industry to get into for anyone who’s looking for great earning potential.

Bridge the skills gap

A report conducted by The Department for Business Innovation and Skills Development alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport found that 72% of large companies and 49% of SMEs are suffering from digital skills gaps.

This is proof that we need to do more to attract people to the industry and develop the talent of tomorrow. Without a strong workforce, there’s a real risk that innovation and business growth will be affected due to lack of skills.

Gain transferrable skills

There’s more to coding than, well, writing code. It’s also about thinking logically and creatively – which means coders are great at solving problems, communicating and working collaboratively. These soft skills can be transferred to pretty much any other role away from coding, and are attributes which employers look favourably on when selecting candidates.

As we continue to get sign-ups for our Digital 1000 initiative (which aims to get 1000 Greater Manchester residents digitally engaged over the next 12 months), we’re proud to be doing our bit to get people interested in coding and other digital avenues. We are the Growth Company: enabling growth, creating jobs and improving lives.