Working Well (Work and Health Programme) celebrated in the press

Yesterday, the Guardian published an article on how the Working Well programme – which we deliver alongside our partners - is changing lives for the better across Greater Manchester.

The article put the spotlight on John Perry, a 51-year-old from Wythenshawe who had been unemployed for seven years. John couldn’t read or write, and he struggled with basic tasks like filling in forms.

Thanks to the tailored support he received from one of our key workers, John was successful in getting a full-time job as a cleaner at Manchester airport. This came just two months after he joined the programme.

John is just one of Working Well’s many success stories. Since we began delivering the programme almost 18 months ago, we have helped over 1,100 clients and placed more than 300 people into sustainable employment.

Working Well helps to break down the barriers that are preventing individuals from finding employment – and this includes complex physical and mental health needs. Given that 64% of unemployed people in Greater Manchester are out of work due to health reasons, programmes like Working Well are vital in supporting people to get back on their feet and find a job.

We support clients to overcome whatever problems they are battling – whether it’s low confidence, lack of skills or issues around anxiety and depression. With Mental Health Awareness Week just around the corner, it’s important to highlight just how much of a difference Working Well can make to people across Greater Manchester.

We’re proud to be delivering Working Well, and it’s so rewarding to see our clients overcome their personal challenges to flourish in the workplace. If you know someone who could benefit from tailored support to help them get back into work, find out more about the programme over on the GC Employment website.