Introduction To GM Futures

GM Futures is a strategic alliance of organisations that are working together to enable a collaborative approach to delivering Greater Manchester’s employment and skills ambitions.

The six partners of the alliance, GM Chamber of Commerce, GM Colleges Group, GM Learning Provider Network, GM Centre for Voluntary Organisations, The Manchester College & Manchester Growth Company operate across GM and are the major players within their fields, ensuring that the strong thematic specialisms and local knowledge of all parties is both captured and capitalised on. Their collective awareness of the needs of the region offers a chance to make a long lasting positive impact on employment and skills in Greater Manchester and it is the intention that previous synergies and alignments will be built upon to secure a sustainable future through delivery, alignment of funding streams and maximisation of outputs.

To enable the best and most effective outcomes for the GM region the partners have signed up to four core principles which will set the foundation of this new collaborative way of working:

Strength & Sustainability – the alliance is committed to working together to strengthen capacity, capability and impact of the skills and employment system in GM to ensure that it meets the needs of residents, employers and communities and contributes to the GM economy.

Connectivity & Progression – the alliance is committed to collaborating with all available stakeholders to design and deliver comprehensive packages of support that will enable accessibility and progression routes for all.

Transparency & Value for money – the alliance is committed to adopting best practice and procurement strategies ensuring the management and distribution of funds in an open, transparent and compliant way which will deliver maximum value for money alongside the very best qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

Making GM the best – the alliance is committed to harnessing the spirit of Devolution to make a lasting impact on skills and employment in GM. Through collaboration, trust and connectivity we will ensure all suppliers, delivery agents and external partners contribute and align with GM’s priorities without duplication or competition with local provision.

Each of the partners is committed to delivering against the Devolution agenda, securing a strong and prosperous future for the region’s communities, individuals and employers and there is an explicit agreement to extract best value from all available funding mechanisms and opportunities, including ESF, for the greater good of Greater Manchester.

A strong governance and reporting structure supports the alliance ensuring a transparent and collaborative way of working through partnership delivery and supply chain procurement, and engagement with a wide group of stakeholders to maximise and add value to create a prosperous future is core to our vision. 

On behalf of GM Futures, Growth Company is seeking potential partners / subcontractors to supply services under the new European Social Fund (ESF) programme 2014-2020, as part of the integrated employment and skills system for Greater Manchester. Read more about expressions of interest.