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People are at the heart of what we do. As a social value based organisation, we’re passionate about being able to lead by example when it comes to inclusivity, and we’re committed to reflecting through our workforce the equality and diversity of the clients and communities we work with. This includes addressing gender equality and supporting women in the workplace.

We are publishing our second gender pay report for 2018 – 19 which can be found below. Last year we committed to review all business areas of the Growth Company, not just the area we are legally required to report on, this being Education and Skills and Employment (legal entity Skills and Work Solutions Limited). We also committed to review the ethnicity pay gap for all areas. In the main report below you can see the Gender and Ethnicity pay data For Education and Skills and Employment and the Growth Company as a whole. Appendix 1 below shows the gender pay data for all business areas and appendix 2 shows the ethnicity data for all business areas. Actions we have taken to date to address the gaps and the steps we are taking to explore how we can reduce the pay gap further, can also be found in the main report.


Download the Report using the links below:

Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2018-19

Appendix 1 Gender Pay

Appendix 2 Ethnicity Pay

Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2017-18