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Liverpool addiction charity marks key milestones

  • Thursday, June 9, 2022
  • Posted By The Growth Company

The Growth Company (GC) delivers a range of services across the Liverpool City Region, all designed to support some of the area's most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents.  

Helping people to overcome addiction   

GC is home to Recovery Works, a charity which works with individuals who are battling addiction, providing them with personalised support to help them recover from substance abuse, improve their wellbeing and secure sustainable jobs.  

Since launching in September 2017, Recovery Works has: 

  • Supported 2,600 service users onto mainstream educational courses 
  • Helped 445 people into sustainable employment 
  • Provided 204 individuals with opportunities to complete work placements or volunteering  

This is the experience of one of our clients:  

“Your help over the last year has without doubt contributed to my employment chances. It’s the great training opportunities provided that have made a major difference to my job prospects. The NVQs updated my background after leaving work three years ago. I'm just glad to be back working and getting back to a normal life.” – Roy, Recovery Works Service User.

Supporting the rehabilitation of those who have been through the justice system  
We also deliver Commissioned Rehabilitation Services (CRS) for Personal Wellbeing as a key delivery partner of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) — just one of the services we deliver on behalf of the MOJ across the North of England.   

The service focuses on reducing reoffending by empowering people to recognise their strengths and make better life choices, whilst caring for their physical and mental health and fostering supportive social networks to help them take positive steps towards a life away from crime.  

Following its launch in July 2021, the programme has: 

  • Supported 660 People on Probation 
  • Helped 86% of service users show progress in at least two areas of health (such as lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and home life) 
  • Led to 86% of service users reporting that their mental health has improved.

 This is what Anthony*, one of the service users, had to say about his experience: 

“Speaking to Natasha (my support worker) twice a month really helped me overcome a lot of the mental illness I was suffering from. Just having someone to reassure me and be on my side has helped me immeasurably, and I could not even begin to say how grateful I am to Natasha and to the service that has literally turned my life around and given me a much more grounded outlook on life.”

Empowering those with disabilities to achieve their career aspirations   

The Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) programme is specifically designed to support people with disabilities in employment. One individual who has been helped is Niall, who discusses his experience with IPES:

“IPES helped me out by sending me several jobs through email and advising me to apply to them. They also recommended other groups and organisations to me, such as New Leaf, who have been a great help in giving me information about self-employment, and Prince's Trust, which introduced me to team-building exercises that built skills I never would've thought I had. I definitely feel more confident than before, and I feel thrilled that I can see a future myself within the business. If this works out, I believe I might be set for life in regards to work.”

To find out more about our various employment services, visit The Growth Company - Employment.

*Participants’ name has been changed to protect their identity.