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Each service we deliver contributes to the achievement of our purpose and the delivery of our vision. In collaboration with our customers and stakeholders we deliver significant social and economic change whilst minimising the impact our business has on the planet.

Supporting People

GC is a leading provider of education, skills, employment, youth and offender rehabilitation support. Each year we help more than 100,000+ people to improve their lives.

Improving Businesses

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and GC is supporting 30,000+ firms each year to innovate, transform their businesses and create new jobs.

Exceptional Consulting

By collaborating with a range of organisations, places and partnerships, we help you understand the potential impact of various scenarios to deliver measurable results and achieve economic growth.


At the Growth Company we understand that with the cost of living increasing, household and business finances are being stretched, which is why we have a range of services to maximise your money. Whether you are looking for work, wanting to progress in your career or you are self-employed looking to take the next step, look at some of the support available to you from the Growth Company.

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Believe in our purpose? Are you passionate, innovative, enterprising and inclusive? We are GC – are you?

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We work collaboratively with our extensive network of private, public and third sector partners, across a range of sectors, regionally and nationally. Connect with us and help us to be stronger together.

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