Growth with purpose. Growth with passion. That’s what we deliver day in, day out.

We open doors and drive positive change - creating inclusive economic growth that delivers opportunities for all.

Our services promote, train, explore and advise to deliver tangible benefits for the communities and companies we work with.

So whether you’re an individual, company, charity or public sector body that’s looking to grow - you’ve come to the right place.

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Established in Manchester in 1989, we’ve been the driving force behind growth in England’s second city for nearly three decades.

As The Growth Company, we helped to generate hundreds of millions worth of investment and growth in the north-west, working in partnership with businesses and individuals to boost the economic prospects of people and place.

With demand for our services growing exponentially over the past decade, our remit’s been spread country-wide and while proud of our northern heritage, we decided it was time to better-reflect our national footprint and ethos of inclusive growth for all.

Why growth?

The Growth Company is a not-for-profit, commercially driven organisation dedicated to economic development, inward investment, skills, employment and enterprise.

We’re driven by our successes and leave a lasting legacy of growth wherever we work and whoever we work with. We’re focused on positive change and tangible outcomes in three key areas:

Enabling growth:

We’re dedicated to economic, personal and professional growth that delivers a better quality of life for all.

Creating Jobs:

From basic skills and employment, to understanding demographics and working directly with key influencers - we’re invested in people and place.

Improving Lives:

We boost the skills of employers and young people, help adults to overcome barriers to employment and create the entrepreneurs and leaders of the future. Our reason for being is to leave a lasting legacy of growth for people and businesses everywhere.

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