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Our Senior Management team

Profile image of Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes
Chief Executive, The Growth Company
Profile image of Vicky McDonald
Vicky McDonald
Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development
Profile image of Donna Edward
Donna Edwards
Managing Director for Business Support & Business Finance
Profile image of Michelle Leeson
Michelle Leeson
Managing Director for GC Employment
Profile image of Paul Simpson
Paul Simpson
Chief Financial Officer
Victoria Braddock headshot
Victoria Braddock
Managing Director of Marketing Manchester
Profile image of Jon-Paul Rimington
Jon-Paul Rimington
Managing Director of GC Education & Skills
Profile image of Dom Delsoldato
Dom Delsoldato
Chief Technology Officer
Profile image of Anne Buckley
Anne Buckley
Executive Director of Business Development
Joe Manning
Managing Director of MIDAS
Carla Nuttall portrait
Carla Nuttall
Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing