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Podcast: Facing Your Fears with Richard Jeffery

  • Wednesday, October 6, 2021
  • Posted By The Growth Company

Richard Jeffery has over two decades’ experience in developing, implementing and evaluating business growth strategies and services. Listen to his fascinating conversation with Honey I Blew Up The Business host Dan Kirby, CEO and Founder of The Tech Dept. 


After some turmoil in his early public-sector career, Richard was offered the chance to build a business on behalf of the Growth Company. Richard established GC Business Growth Hub, which grew to a team of 200 within 10 years and was rolled out as a model across the UK. But this came at a price. Skirting with burnout, a moment of truth came when his daughter said “Daddy, I don’t see you very much.” 

This podcast dives deep into inner-awareness - how your fears are unconsciously shaping your future - and what you can do about it. Learn why Richard stuck his neck out to “grab the space” despite only limited resources; and how to deal with it when people laugh at your plan, and why asking for help is a sign of strength.

Richard shares the strategic importance of ethics (starting with being ethical to yourself) and the concept of inclusive growth. Hear from an entrepreneur with a unique micro-and-macro view of today’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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