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The Growth Company become proud members of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

  • Monday, April 19, 2021
  • Posted By The Growth Company

The Growth Company has progressed from Supporters to Members of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, demonstrating our continued employment excellence and how deeply embedded good employment is within our organisation.

To become members of the Charter the Growth Company has gone through extensive assessment to ensure that each characteristic needed is evident within our practices and policies.

The Good Employment Charter is working to improve employment standards across Greater Manchester, which in turn contributes towards a thriving and productive economy. The characteristics of Good Employment are:

  • Secure Work
  • Flexible Work
  • Real Living Wage
  • Engagement and Voice
  • Recruitment
  • People Management
  • Health and Wellbeing

The good employment movement does not end at the membership stage, and the Growth Company will continue to work to improve practice and meet new standard as the world of work evolves.

I’m delighted that the Growth Company has become a Member of the Good Employment Charter. As an organisation our purpose is to help people, business, and places to achieve their growth potential and the same applies to our diverse and skilled workforce, who really are the reason the business is so successful.

Mark Hughes MBE Chief Executive of the Growth Company

Organisations can begin their journey with the Charter at the Supporters Tier, which asks employers to commit to improve practices while providing them with appropriate support and resources. Find out more, and how to get involved here.