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Collaborating with a range of organisations, places and partnerships, we help you understand the potential impact of various scenarios and measure performance.

Combining a clear strategy, effective operational design, and the ability to mix competencies around skills, employment and physical regeneration, we can facilitate a real-time reassessment of strategies and plans to help you anticipate outcomes, deliver results and achieve economic growth.


ekosgen consulting

ekosgen provides consultancy and research services on economic development and social impact for public, private and third sector commissioners, specialising in policy advice and delivering winning bids. Working with clients from public, private and third sectors, ekosgen provides consultancy services on economic and social development, including business cases and funding, research and policy advice, project appraisal, impact assessment and evaluation.

We work with clients to provide innovative thinking and realistic, affordable and workable strategies to achieve their desired outcome.

Our expertise:  

  • Cities and city regions 
  • Business and sectors
  • Education and skills
  • Culture, tourism and leisure 
  • Digitalisation and innovation 
  • Health and social care 
  • Children, young people and families 
  • Diversity and inequalities 
  • National and local NHS policy 
  • Community and housing 
  • Property holding and development 

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Place-based Support Infrastructure

With the growth of sub-regional structures across the country, GC Consulting can capitalise on the Growth Company’s experience and capabilities to support thriving businesses, creating jobs and employment opportunities that benefit our diverse communities. Our team can offer expert advice on organisational form, governance, and intervention design as well as monitoring performance and measuring impact.

We provide project-based and call-off support in the following areas:

  • Business support
  • Inward investment
  • Place-making and Internationalisation
  • Employability
  • Skills and training

Physical Regeneration Programmes

We understand how important softer initiatives around skills, employability and community infrastructure can be in transforming our towns and cities. Building on GC’s capability to deliver business support, investment, skills and training support, we work with experts in the development of physical regeneration programmes to provide insight on which scheme best suits the delivery of economic and social objectives.

Devolution in Practice

As more areas of the country take steps towards reorganisation and seek ‘devolution deals’, GC Consulting can utilise practical experience to help guide you through each stage and develop your strategic business case.

With 30 years of experience and a record of helping existing Combined Authority Areas, GC Consulting can take you from negotiation to implementation, offering advice on how to implement devolution deals quickly and effectively in your area.

Why Choose GC Consulting?

We understand that economic growth starts with ambition, but requires a good strategy, effective operational design and the ability to mix necessary competencies around skills, employment, and physical regeneration, to ensure delivery happens effectively and quickly. With over 30 years of practical experience, we make the delivery and implementation of your economic ambition a reality.

Building on the extensive capability within the wider Growth Company group, as well as our network of partners and associates, GC Consulting can support you to achieve your economic goals for your organisation, industry, or area. With an ethos grounded in trust and collaboration, we put your needs and interests first to respond reliably and provide the expert capability you need.

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