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At GC we are experienced at developing services that help public, private and third sector organisations develop new approaches to helping individuals to overcome disadvantage, make the most of opportunities and move their education, careers and lives forward.

Learning and Skills

As one of the largest providers of apprenticeships and training in the country, we help people to develop their skills across a diverse range of sectors and levels, with our Ofsted Grade 2: Good provider status.

Our services prepare people to enter the workplace, to continuously improve and develop leadership skills and drive productivity.  We provide career-boosting training at all levels and across some of our fastest growing industries.

We take a whole-person approach to skills development, embedding a wide range of wrap-around developmental support including: digital citizenship and mental wellbeing awareness. Our teams work with leading businesses to ensure our curricula helps to boost the career prospects of individuals and the productivity of businesses. Services include:



We deliver services across the UK which help tens of thousands of people move into good jobs and careers. Our highly personalised services take a holistic approach, empowering people to navigate the changing world of work at the same time as overcoming personal challenges. Our highly skilled advisers and keyworkers work with a range of individuals; from people who have found themselves recently out of work, to those with complex barriers such as physical disabilities, mental ill-health and debt. We leverage our extensive employer relationships to broker and place our customers into high quality, sustained jobs with leading employers. Services include:


GC is one of the largest providers of Citizenship support to young people. From large-scale life-changing experiences, to embedding Citizenship support across a range of our skills and employment services. 

Services include:

Justice Services

The Growth Company Justice Services is a key delivery partner of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), working with people in prison or people on probation across the North of England.

Our services include:

Our services focus on reducing reoffending by empowering people to develop their strengths and make better choices in life. The Justice team support people in custody, upon release, and on probation in the community. In each circumstance the Justice Services team will provide end to end support with the aim of reducing reoffending.

This support includes helping people on probation ensure they have the fundamental tools required to live a crime-free life, accommodation, work, positive physical and mental health, and supportive social networks. By reducing reoffending, we improve the lives of individuals, their families, and the communities they live in.


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