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At the Growth Company (GC), we have a vision for a society where economic growth and prosperity is inclusive, sustainable and leaves no person or community behind. By partnering with us you’ll help build a future founded on thriving businesses that create well-paid jobs for talented and empowered individuals across our diverse communities.

Our solutions

As the leading national provider of business support services – drawing on 30+ years of expertise, insights and data – we’re passionate about creating:

Business leaders

Who have the tools to maximise profits and enrich their staff, community and environment.

Economic development leaders

Who have the insights and know-how to build thriving business networks & clusters that help level-up local communities.

A fair and prosperous country

Where government and private partners have the right solutions to increase productivity, achieve Net Zero and deliver an innovative Global Britain.

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Our track record

GC has established a strong reputation as a provider of excellence in areas including:

GC delivers the North West Made Smarter Adoption Programme, which, following successful conclusion of the pilot, has launched in three additional regions in England. It also provides a digital skills programme for businesses.

GC founded the country’s first Business Growth Hub, in Greater Manchester, a model subsequently replicated in 38 areas across England. GC now oversees delivery of the entire network of Hubs on behalf of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

GC delivers start- and scale-up programmes, including one-to-one support and provision of incubators with partners. GC has also delivered the UK’s first entrepreneurial support programme aimed at self-employed and gig economy workers, EnterprisingYou.

GC delivers an award-winning resource efficiency programme, helping businesses to transition to a low carbon economy, which has helped SMEs to save more than two million tonnes of carbon – and £500m in energy, material and waste costs – since 2012.

GC has delivered the Department of International Trade’s export contract in the North West of England since 2007 and continues to innovate through new programmes – including the Global Scale Up programme, which has provided support for scale businesses across England.

GC delivers successful business mentoring programmes, including Mentoring for Growth and Be the Business Mentoring, and provides peer learning services including BEIS’s Peer Networks.

GC brokers relationships between SMEs and local partners, from public and private sectors, to drive innovative design and business modelling. 

GC has developed and delivered programmes that drive growth in priority sectors, including: advanced manufacturing; green technology and services; healthcare and life sciences; and digital, creative and technology sectors.

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