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We're proud of our heritage, our extensive footprint and that we are a leading ethical provider of outsourced services.

We're also proud to be an accredited social enterprise, which sets us apart. We strive for continuous improvement and our business model enables us to drive profits straight back into  developing and delivering high-quality service provision.


Starting life

The Growth Company starts life as The Manchester Training and Enterprise Council.


Training and employment initiatives

We develop our own training and employment initiatives becoming the most innovative and entrepreneurial TEC in the country.


Continued growth

We continue to grow our offer as other companies join the organisation, including Chamber Business Enterprises and Career Solutions.


New contracts

We are recognised as the economic development organisation for Greater Manchester and expand as we win new contracts across the North West.



The organisation is restructured and becomes known as Manchester Solutions with a clear focus on delivery.


Commercial offering

We develop our commercial offer as the Centre for Assessment and IDG join our organisation.


Business Growth Hub

The Growth Company's Business Growth Hub is established and quickly becomes the leading business growth hub in the UK.


Marketing Manchester and MIDAS

Marketing Manchester and MIDAS join the Growth Company family.



National Skills Training and The Manufacturing Institute join our organisation.

We rebrand as the Growth Company to reflect the growing reach of our services in the UK.


London office

We continue to innovate and grow. Our London office is launched.


GC Angels

GC Angels established, working with entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses.


ekosgen acquisition

The Growth Company announces the successful acquisition of ekosgen, one of the UK's leading independent companies providing economic and social research, analysis and consultancy advice.


Social Enterprise ‘Gold Mark’

We were awarded the ‘Social Enterprise Gold Mark’ which reinforces our reputation and credibility as an organisation which demonstrates best practices across several key business areas that are central to social enterprise excellence.


Green Skills Academy launches

The academy boasts innovative green technologies and a comprehensive training offer and will play a critical role in Greater Manchester’s ambitions to reach Net Zero carbon as early as 2038 and will work with businesses UK-wide in order to help hit the national 2050 target.


Growth Flag

The Growth Company partnered with Red Flag Alert to launch ‘Growth Flag, a pioneering data intelligence online tool which shows where growth potential exists across the UK.


Winning Moves acquisition and GC Insight launch

The Growth Company announces the acquisition of the support and research firm Winning Moves which leads to the launch of our new consulting brand - ‘GC Insight’, to reflect our expanded consulting offer.

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