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Gender Pay

As an award-winning, people-focused social enterprise, we’re proud to lead by example when it comes to inclusivity. We understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce, and we’re committed to championing equality and diversity among our people, clients and communities in which we work. This includes addressing gender equality and supporting women in the workplace.

This is the Gender and Ethnicity pay gap report relating to April 22 pay data, which can be downloaded below. Previous reports can also be located by accessing the links below. This not only reports on any pay gap for GC Education and Skills and GC Employment (legal entity Skills and Work Solutions Limited) but also for the Growth Company as a whole.

The report also covers the actions we have taken to date to address the gaps and the steps we are taking to explore how we can reduce the gender and ethnicity pay gaps further.

Download the latest report using the links below:

Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap Report April 2023

Appendices - Workforce Profile, Gender Pay & Ethnicity Pay

Past Reports

April 2022 (Appendices - Workforce Profile, Gender Pay & Ethnicity Pay)

April 2021 (Appendices - Gender Pay & Ethnicity Pay)


2018-19 (Appendices - Gender Pay & Ethnicity Pay)