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Ceewhy Ochoga

Founder and CEO, Black Impact

Ceewhy is a social entrepreneur. She holds a master’s degree in media psychology from the University of Salford and a Postgraduate Law degree from Oxford Brookes University. Ceewhy has up to 10 years’ experience coordinating, planning and implementing projects, as well as utilising her legal and research skills to develop ideas and products and it is the combination of her experiences and study, that conceived Black Impact.

Black Impact is a national African and Caribbean student network that seeks to support the leadership development and career aspirations of Black students in the United Kingdom. Its key objectives are the desire to challenge structural racism, social and economic injustice and discrimination within higher education and wider society in general.

Ceewhy is passionate about young Black people and believes in the potential within them and Black Impact is one of the ways she works with that group of the society to support them to realising their potential.