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Celebrating Carbon Literacy Action Day

  • Friday, December 8, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company

To celebrate Carbon Literacy Action Day (4th December) more than 60 colleagues across the Growth Company joined thousands of people around the world taking part in a Carbon Literacy training session.

Created by the Carbon Literacy Project, Carbon Literacy Action Day is the biggest climate education-and-action training event with people from all sectors participating in a day's worth of Carbon Literacy training.

The training gives colleagues a robust understanding of the science behind climate change and the actions our organisation and individual business units can take to make a positive difference.

Clare Fallon, Group Sustainability Manager, said: “Our actions around our Net Zero goals are really important to us as an organisation so it's important we embed these in every business and service area. As a large organisation we do have a significant carbon footprint, so we are looking at reducing that.

“We really want all of our colleagues to become carbon literate so it’s really important for colleagues to come on the training to help them feel confident in the topic, be able to have those difficult conversations, but also have actions that they can do at home as well as within GC.”

The Growth Company is a Carbon Literacy Certified Bronze Organisation, with around 190 colleagues having already completed Carbon Literacy Training and many of them on their way to becoming certified.

As part of our ongoing commitment to becoming Net Zero across scopes 1, 2, and 3 by 2035, a key area of focus is colleague training, and we are aiming to achieve Carbon Literacy Certified Silver in 20244

Sally Little, Group Finance Director, completed Carbon Literacy Training in February and is now completing further training to become a training facilitator. She said:

“Carbon literacy is important to me because it is all about the future. Not just for our children but for all future generations to come, so I think that we all have a responsibility to go green and do everything that we can within our own limits.

“Within Finance we support the whole of the Growth Company so we’re looking at how we can support our Sustainability Manager in collecting data but also ensuring that our travel and expenses policy is adhered to and making sure that everything we do is as green as it can be.”

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