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GC awarded Bronze Trailblazer status by Race Equality Matters

  • Monday, April 29, 2024
  • Posted By The Growth Company

The Growth Company has been awarded Bronze Trailblazer status by Race Equality Matters.

Panellists felt that our application for the award status showed examples of clear impact with supportive activity, as well as a focus on raising awareness and creating an environment that fosters inclusivity.

They also expressed confidence that we're on the right track and eagerly anticipate our continued progress. They felt our actions were brave and significant.

Here are the highlights from the case study which cover some of our organisation's actions and initiatives, which celebrate the commitment from our colleagues and the EmbRace Network.


"The Growth Company have demonstrated dedication by actively committing to significant events such as Windrush, Manchester Carnival, and Black History Month and using this to inform, educate and encourage engagement through thought provoking sessions and activity. This activity has been actively pursued by their EmbRace Network and carried out by their EmbRace Network and Allies."

Language Paper

"Network members at the Growth Company fed back through their monthly meetings that there was dissatisfaction with the term BAME, following discussion and a vote the network made the decision to propose a language change for the businesses and their subsidiaries. They recommended to stop using the term BAME and researched terms such as 'Ethnic Minority' which they found to have negative connotations. After some continued research and recommendations there was a vote that settled on 'Ethnic communities'. This was an important step as ethnically they felt this maintained dignity and respect and allowed individuals to self-identify in a way that was empowering for them. Panellists praised the Language Paper as it demonstrated a clear consideration of colleague’s perspectives and commitment to real consultation and investigate into the use of effective terms."

Dignity at Work campaign

"The Growth Company also launched a Dignity at Work campaign which began in March 2022 and ran throughout 2023 with an overarching aim to better embed GC’s commitment to a culture which is safe from any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination. This was supported by several initiatives including the launch of the new EDI module, a Dignity at Work Policy and Charter, a live launch event, network events, interactive sessions, team talks, training and follow-up events throughout the year."

Feedback from an Ethnically Diverse Panel

"The panellists commended the inclusive approach taken by the network, where all activities involved consultation with members and the wider organisation. Discussions were held to understand what individuals wanted to see from the network, with the support of sponsors. Senior Management Team (SMT) involvement at every stage ensured that the network's objectives were aligned and achieved for the benefit of all. Additionally, another panellist shared that the talks with guest speakers showed how the Growth Company is bringing 'a fresh perspective' to the workplace which is impactful and positive."

Read the full case study on the Race Equality Matters website.