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GC making a difference across South Yorkshire  

  • Tuesday, June 21, 2022
  • Posted By The Growth Company

The Growth Company delivers a portfolio of programmes designed to help some of South Yorkshire’s most vulnerable individuals to access vital skills, training and employment opportunities while enabling businesses to identify and bridge skills gaps which can impact their productivity and profitability.   
Building future-proof organisations  

  • Our Skills Support for the Workforce programme is delivered in Sheffield to help businesses upskill their staff and identify skills gaps based on the needs of the organisation, at no cost to the company. 
  • So far across Sheffield City Region, Skills Support for the Workforce has: 
  • Supported 1,340 employers across a wide range of sectors 
  • Helped 5,300 learners to achieve one or more qualifications 
  • Helped 900 of those learners to achieve an in-work progression (such as a pay rise or increase in contracted hours) 
  • Allowed 860 learners to go on to higher-level learning to support their career development.

Supporting the city-region's most vulnerable individuals  
We proudly deliver the Yorkshire CFO Activity Hub project, funded via HM Prison & Probation Service Co-financing Organisation (HMPPS CFO). The project gives people who are serving a sentence (or on licence) support to get their lives back on track, breaking down the complex barriers that prevent them from accessing training, finding work, reintegrating back into society and leading a life away from crime. Here’s how the project has impacted one of our clients:  
Stephen* said: “It’s been a life-changing experience since my release from prison. My main worry was trying to find something to do to fill my time and avoid going back to old habits. The other main worry for me was that I would struggle with work since my release. But again, the Hub put my worries to rest. The staff are amazing - very polite and friendly. From the moment you walk through the door, you are welcomed. It has made becoming a part of society after prison an easy experience and, honestly, an enjoyable one.”  
Whilst at the Hub, Stephen worked hard and completed his Level 2 Maths and English qualification with York Adult Learning, a key stepping-stone to gaining employment. He now plans to complete an apprenticeship to really kickstart his career prospects.   
*Participant's name has been changed to protect their identity.    

Helping people to ‘Restart’ their lives   
Across South Yorkshire, GC was commissioned to deliver the Restart Scheme on behalf of Maximus UK, giving residents enhance support to help them find secure and sustainable employment in their local area. This is the experience of one of our service users: 
Mphangela was referred to the GC’s Restart Scheme in Sheffield by her work coach. She wanted to get back into work as her children were now settled in school, but she lacked work experience after bringing up her children straight after she finished university. Mphangela has a passion for mental health and wanted a role where she could live and breathe this passion every day. Her Restart Advisor recommended a role at the Growth Company, which she applied for and was offered.   
Mphangela said: “I am really excited about my future working at the Growth Company. It really lives up to its name; every day I’ve been growing, learning something new and I am always encouraged to develop my skills.”   

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