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GC Business National Director responds to the Levelling-Up White Paper

  • Wednesday, February 2, 2022
  • Posted By The Growth Company

National Director for GC Business, Richard Jeffery, has welcomed the devolution agenda laid out in the Government’s Levelling-Up White Paper, which was published on Wednesday 2 February 2022.

In his comments he was also quick to reference the work done by GC Business in demonstrating the prosperity of a devolved model of economic support throughout the UK:

“Continuing to draw upon local level support and expertise, as well as the new county deals and new metro mayors, will be critical to the success of Levelling Up,” he began.

“In our role as one of the largest providers of business support, skills and employment services in the country, we’ve been levelling-up communities with insights gained from working across multiple local geographies, throughout our 30-year history and through our Business Growth Hub over the past decade.

“The Levelling-Up White Paper pushes this devolution agenda further still and we particularly welcome the announcement of three new innovation accelerators around the UK, as well as the commitment to devolve the £2.6bn UK Shared Prosperity Fund which will enable areas to support local businesses,” he said. Adding that,  

“We would hope that this newly devolved funding will present an opportunity to build on the successful inclusive business growth models that we have developed.  It could also enable the evolution of other services that will enhance local business ecosystems. This proven way of working with localities to help them become globally competitive has the potential to be refined by the Levelling Up White Paper’s commitment to bring devolution to every part of England that wants it.”

Richard went on to discuss how the potential for major economic, social, and environmental change lies predominantly at a localised level. It is here, he believes, that the Levelling-Up White Paper can do wonders in driving growth and enhancing the work done by GC Business.

“There could be an opportunity to leverage the insights we’ve gained from delivering a range of scale-up, accelerator and business cohort programmes, increasingly focused on Net Zero and inclusive growth, to address one of this country’s greatest challenges – pockets of low productivity,” he continued.    

“While this national framework is important, it will remain at the local level where we can really make a change and manage best the country’s economic redistribution policy on behalf of our communities. As GC Business works with more local business ecosystems to deliver its support services, we’re proud to be leading by example based on a proven devolved model that is now delivering a fairer, more prosperous, and greener economy, for many other communities and neighbourhoods across the country.”

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