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The Growth Company’s Education and Skills service is supporting businesses to bridge skills gaps by employing graduates from Skills Bootcamp programmes

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2024
  • Posted By The Growth Company

With demand on the rise for local skilled people, Skills Bootcamps provide businesses with an opportunity to recruit to roles where they have a skills shortage or roles that require sector specific skills.

Through our Education and Skills service, Skills Bootcamps give businesses access to a pool of talented individuals, aged 19+, who have completed up to 16 weeks of training, have up-to-date knowledge and skills that can help businesses grow and bring fresh ideas and innovations. This creates an exciting opportunity for businesses to meet their goals.

Not only this but recruiting Skills Bootcamp graduates provides employers with the opportunity to recruit to roles quickly, and reduce the costs associated with traditional recruitment methods. Skills Bootcamps have been referred to by employers as a way to tap into a new talent pipeline and recruitment stream.

Jon-Paul Rimington, Managing Director of GC Education and Skills said, “Skills Bootcamps help to level-up the Greater Manchester region. We have a pool of skilled and talented individuals who are work-ready to meet business demands across a variety of sectors. Skills Bootcamps help people gain skills for life and provide employers with talent who can meet the demands of their organisation.”

Skills Bootcamps are developed based on the key challenges businesses are facing.

Jordan Winterbottom recently took part in a Content Creation and Branding Skills Bootcamp and has since secured a role with GM Business Growth Hub. Jordan said, “The Skills Bootcamp provided great insight from the experienced tutors who have worked across many different areas, from marketing to video production.”

GC Education and Skills have a diverse talent pool of skilled graduates trained in the below areas:

  • Construction
  • Green Technology
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Leadership Management

You can find out more about recruiting Skills Bootcamps from the Growth Company, here.