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Restart Scheme

The Restart Scheme provides up to 12 months of enhanced support to help individuals find secure and sustainable employment in their local area, as soon as possible. It's designed to break down any employment barriers that could be holding people back from finding work — such as lack of skills, low confidence and motivation or health issues. GC delivers Restart across South Yorkshire on behalf of Maximus UK.

Recovery Works

Recovery Works is a charity which helps to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in society. We offer personalised support to over 1,000 people per year, helping them to recover from addiction, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and secure sustainable employment — empowering them to get their lives back on track.

Justice Services

Across Yorkshire and the Humber, we are a key delivery partner for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), delivering a range of services designed to help people on probation to rehabilitate and reintegrate back into society. We support people who have been through the justice system by helping them to find employment, training and education, whilst improving their wellbeing and empowering them to build positive support networks. Our collective services break down the complex barriers that these vulnerable individuals so often face when trying to get their lives back on track.

Refugee Employability Programme 

The Growth Company delivers the Refugee Employability Programme in partnership with Migrant Help across Yorkshire and the Humber. The programme provides tailored support to refugees who are looking to gain meaningful employment. 

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