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Our People 

Without the great people that we employ, we wouldn’t see the levels of success that we do! We’re proud to have a diverse, passionate and skilled workforce from a wide range of backgrounds. After all, we know just how important it is to bring together different ideas and experiences to boost innovation, performance and creativity. That’s just one of the many reasons why we’re proud to be a Disability Confident employer.

Rewards and recognition 

This year, we launched new initiatives to celebrate and empower our fantastic people. The Valued Star Awards were introduced to give recognition to individuals who have gone above and beyond in the work they do, and we’ve enjoyed celebrating each other’s successes throughout the year. 

Agile working 

We also implemented agile working arrangements to give our staff more flexibility around how, when and where they work. We introduced a 7am-7pm working day, giving employees the chance to work their contracted hours any time within the 12-hour period. Our agile model enables staff to work from home - or from an alternative location.

Agile working is already having huge benefits on employee wellbeing and mental health, as well as creating a more productive working environment that’s built on a culture of trust and performance, but what do our staff say?

“Working flexible hours has enabled me to get my fitness routine back on track. I’m able to attend the gym close to the office at a much quieter time. This has improved my mood, health and work-life balance by giving me my time back in the evenings” – Hayley Dillon, Team Support Co-ordinator, GC Business Growth Hub

“Agile working gives me the option of doing the school pick up or being able to do my ‘alternative commute’ of a morning run with the dog instead of travelling into Manchester. Personally, I can see huge health and wellbeing benefits in agile working.” – Dee Beckett, Data Protection Officer, The Growth Company

“I live on the Wirral so have a 100-mile round trip to work every day which can take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours of my working day. I’m not getting any younger, so the travelling does take its toll. Getting them few hours of unproductive time back, plus the improvement to my wellbeing, is very welcome. It also means I can take my daughter to school, pick her up and be around the family a little more.” – Paul Simpson, Chief Financial Officer, The Growth Company 

We also give our staff 2 days’ paid leave each year to volunteer at a charity of their choice, because we believe that giving back is so important for the communities that we work with day in, day out. This is something which our employees find so rewarding, and in some cases, leads to our staff helping out worthy causes on a regular basis.

“For me, there’s no greater reward than having a positive effect on people’s lives. I ensure that I spend some time each week supporting individuals and groups that I feel connected to, both on a local and national scale. I choose to support AndysManClub, who have supported me and my friends. It’s important to be part of a community – after all, humanity starts with ourselves.”  - Andy Hall, Mentoring Relationship Specialist, GC Business Growth Hub

Sabbatical opportunities 

As well as this, we also recognise that employees may have personal aspirations or responsibilities outside of their career where it may be beneficial to take an extended period of time away from work. With this in mind, we offer unpaid sabbaticals of between three months and one year to all members of staff who have been with us for more than two years.

“Having the opportunity to take a 12-month sabbatical means I have been given the freedom to accomplish my goal of travelling around Australia. I’m looking forward to my travels, but the best part is knowing that my job will be waiting for me when I return.” – Nico Lee, Marketing and Communications Executive, The Growth Company 

Making a difference 

Here at the Growth Company, we really make a difference to the individuals and businesses that we work with – but don’t just take our word for it. To celebrate our 30th birthday, we asked some of our staff about their achievements and why they love working for us.  


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