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The Growth Company maintains the Department of Education’s matrix Standard

  • Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Posted By The Growth Company

Following an independent review the Growth Company’s Employment and Education and Skills services were once again successfully reaccredited to the matrix Standard. This demonstrates our commitment to the continuous delivery of high-quality services, and the development of a culture of inclusivity and equality throughout the Growth Company.

The matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) international quality standard that ensures organisations are delivering quality information, advice and/or guidance (IAG) services. Receiving this accreditation means that the Growth Company has been benchmarked against best practice and meets the full standard.

The criteria for the standard was recently revised (2023), and the Growth Company is one of the first organisations to pass the revised framework comprising of seven elements. Further information on the seven elements can be found in the new framework here.

We have been independently assessed against a set criteria in areas including and management, resource service delivery, and continuous quality improvement. Independent assessors held interviews in December 2023, looking at the services provided across both areas of employment and education and skills and how IAG is embedded in these areas.

Michelle Leeson, Managing Director of GC Employment said, ‘‘We always aim to improve on and embed a culture of quality at GC, and this is why we strive to ensure that it is at the heart of all our services.  Achieving reaccreditation to the matrix Standard is a fantastic achievement and is thanks to the hard work of every one of our colleagues involved in this process, across both the Employment and Education and Skills business units.  Colleagues successfully demonstrated the strength of our organisation, and we are so pleased to be accredited for another three years.”

In 2023 approximately 9,000 learners had engaged in our Education & Skills programmes, 31,500 participants in our Employment services programmes. Approximately 774 of the our employees were involved in the delivery of accredited services.

GC delivers employment services across the North, including Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire & The Humber region. Our skills provision spans Greater Manchester, Liverpool city region and Yorkshire and Humber.

In Education & Skills IAG is embedded into each programme and supports potential learners’ choice of programme before enrolment, provides detailed information about programmes during induction, supports learners’ progress whilst on a programme, provides guidance and information about appropriate career options and advises and guides learners in planning their next steps.

The Employment Services provides services that are mainly entirely IAG based, but the delivery of IAG is different dependent on the specific employment contract. For example, they offer in-prison employment support for those serving custodial sentences, and in other areas they offer support to move participants who have been unable to find work because of barriers into sustained employment.

The independent assessors from the Matrix Standard:

  • Looked at our culture against EDI practices, finding inclusivity, and equity to all was strong throughout the organisation, with evidence of fantastic practice and initiatives.
  • Found that the Growth Company fosters a strong culture of safety and wellbeing across the organisation, which is noted not only through colleague feedback, but with participants as well.
  • Found CPD support for our colleagues through KITs, wider benefits and flexibility as an employer is good, demonstrating clear personal and professional development, including promotion opportunities.
  • Found engagement with diverse and innovative partners is strong – there is demonstration of good collaboration and partners hold the Growth Company in high regard.
  • Found programmes are tailored and individualised for all participants, initial assessment practices lead to diligent and effective delivery.
  • Found the Growth Company measures the impact of its services well and through a diverse range of tools, mechanisms, and information.
  • Found that as an organisation, The Growth Company has a culture of continuous improvement, this is a real strength, feedback and evaluation throughout delivery means services are meaningful and impactful.

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